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Product or Passion

Recently I had the opportunity to take photographs of Ford GT40’s. I make no apologies, but I am a ‘petrolhead’. Remembering back to my childhood, I received a Hot Wheels track complete with two cars, one of which was a metallic gold Ford GT40 with opening engine bay. I can’t even remember what the other car was, but I do remember manipulating the races to ensure continuous victory for the gold car!

Now, having said I am a ‘petrolhead’, let me qualify this using the Ford GT40 as an example. It is not about the kudos of ownership or being an enthusiast with a pristine example tucked away in a heated garage. It is the history of this iconic car, it’s design and the reason it is called a GT40 in the first place. Back in the sixties, Ford were talking to Enzo Ferrari about purchasing Ferrari. When the deal fell through Henry Ford II instructed his racing division to develop a winning racing car, a Ferrari-beater on the world endurance circuit.  The GT40 arrived and captured 4 consecutive Le Mans victories and later the imagination of a small boy.  Quite a story to tell!

Wind the clock forward to a bright November morning in 2018 and that ‘small boy’ had the opportunity to mix his passion for photography with a passion for a childhood racing icon. I was warmly welcomed by Oliver, Nigel and the team at Le Mans Coupe ltd, had unlimited access to three spectacular GT40’s and later the fulfilment of a dream, a spin along local country roads.  Believe me, these racing cars are spectacular to ride in, I can imagine as a driver they would have a few ‘party tricks’ that would excite any passenger.

There is a danger that the blog will be consumed by my automotive appreciation when the purpose is to discuss a photographic topic, specifically, Product or Passion.

As a creative photographer I will never be dispassionate about the subject matter. Spending time with my client is critical to discover the essence and emotional connection they need from my images. Take time to appreciate this in depth and establish the connection for myself to deliver those powerful images.

This photoshoot has highlighted a question that I now pose to myself and you the reader. Will a personal passion for the product change in anyway the creativity of photography output?  To be clear, by ‘product’ I refer more broadly to the term subject matter.

My portfolio is extensive and includes many images ranging from people, places and yes, products. To simplify the question, I will stick to product shots specifically.  Looking through my archives I selected the images below, apart from one all were captured on site using natural light and not in a studio.

Personally, I have no particular connection for any of these items, especially the block of hybrid batteries, but isn’t that the challenge? Having the ability to understand the connection it will have with the viewer combined with my photographic experience has produced a set of images that deliver the right product visualisation to the right audience.

So, have any of these images triggered a desire for crusty bread, bottle of sparkling English wine or chilli relish?  Or perhaps a curiosity about hybrid batteries or a yearning to learn to play the drums?

In answer to my own question, photography is my passion.

Having a gorgeous car in front of the lens always helps but the driver for me is my passion for photography that I carry into any assignment.  Being challenged to capture the best image irrespective pf the subject matter; choosing the best equipment, finding unique perspectives, thinking outside of the box and having a great back drop and lighting.  Composing the shots then making them pop in post-production editing.

The photoshoot of the Ford GT40’s was a memorable project.  If any of my images of these iconic racing cars has made a connection and stirred an emotion, then they have achieved the purpose.  If that has generated a desire to own one, then I believe that they may even be for sale.  Contact Oliver or visit their website they are really friendly people also passionate about their business.