Working With Me

Drinking a smooth cup of coffee

My Approach

I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them so that I can establish a professional and creative working partnership with my clients. Every person, business or organisation are individuals.  It is important to for me to meet, listen and understand not just the specifics but to ensure that I capture the essence of their photographic needs.

From this I will propose an adaptive package to deliver an approach and style capturing the narrative, atmosphere and energy from the shoot.

So, my first priority is to meet with you over a cup of coffee and talk.

A bus crossing Tower Bridge showing the contrast in  colours and architecture

My Photographic Style

My photographic style is my passion.  When I am not working on a shoot, I will continually perfect through exploration of the world around me, capturing images on whatever photographic ‘device’ I have to hand.  This enables me to adapt to a style that best reflects the essence of the brief for each of my clients.

  • Capture the best shot possible at the click of the shutter.
  • Natural light photography.
  • Creative and conceptual, emotive and energetic approach to unique images.
  • Documentary to chronicle events as they happen, capture the spontaneity.
  • Colour or Black and White, whatever the preference.
Venue London

The Shoot

Before the shoot, I will learn about the venue and identify opportunities that further enhance my images.   The environment, backdrops and natural lighting can all combine to deliver pictures that POP!

The photographer is not the main attraction at any event.  As such, my role is to blend in to the day maintaining a relaxed, friendly and approachable manner.   That way, I can focus single-mindedly on capturing the best images, especially those that have people interaction.

For specific events I include a second shooter to provide additional coverage consistent with the style and essence of the event.

Sunglasses on sale in Camden Town

Post Editing

My legacy in film photography drives me to capture the best shot possible.  Today digital post production editing provides the ability for further creativity. I use the latest versions of Adobe software to deliver an initial set of consistently high quality digital images within 48 hours of the shoot.  That does not mean that editing is complete, I will work with my clients to ensure that those specific photographs meet exacting standards.


Contact me to discuss

  • Events (commercial, promotional and social)
  • Stage and music
  • People and Portraiture
  • Weddings
  • Marketing and PR
  • Product

I look forward to meeting with you!